Popular design trends that help sell homes

Regardless of market conditions, a well-designed home will sell better. The more attractive a properly presented house is, the more likely buyer interest will increase.

Regardless of market conditions, a well-designed home will sell better. The more attractive a properly presented house is, the more likely buyer interest will increase. 

Therefore, a real estate agent should recommend several possible changes for their clients, in order to help make a property stand out after it is listed. Taking steps to ensure that every room looks its best is a perfect way to help navigate the housing market successfully.

Attractiveness sells in a buyers' market
When market conditions tend to favor buyers, there is a better chance a well-staged home will get the most interest. The more informed a Realtor is, the better. Information from property data and real estate records help with many aspects of the profession. In a similar vein, learning about design trends could also mean a boost in business.

Buyers with time to shop might take longer, according to design company Six Elements. Therefore, setting the scene before showing a property is a must. Not only could this step increase bidder activity, but it might also let the price get driven up - meaning more money for everyone. Rental furniture might be needed, but perhaps simply rearranging the room could have a similar desired effect. If a home has been sitting on the market for an extended period of time, a change might be in order. Mixing up the design style might pique interest again, and get more people looking at a specific property.

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Trends that are worth noting
A number of design elements have gained popularity in 2013. For example, outdoor living spaces are a big plus for a home, according to Realtor Magazine. These additions go past just decks and patios. Screened-in porches add value, as do fire pits, technology and anything else that could make outside feel more like the interior. 

On a similar note, easy access to media is something that many buyers now want. Entire rooms might be designed to highlight the TV, with great seating options and lighting, the news source noted. The more comfortable these spaces are, the better. A Realtor may want to recommend switching the room set-up to better appeal to these buyer desires.

Simplicity is also a must. This can be achieved in a variety of locations, from a fresh coat of paint to automated controls for lights or other electronics. If a seller puts in some extra amenities so the new buyer has an easier time living there, the more likely a home will sell fast. Programmable thermostats, for example, are a plus - as is a single remote that performs multiple tasks. 

When it comes to wall color, neutral is the best choice, Realtor Magazine noted. Bright or dark colored rooms might be a buyer turn-off. Choices aren't limited to whites and beiges, either. Light blues and hues of grey look great in many properties - from foreclosed houses to new construction. 

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