Agents, appraisers need to work together

The valuation process is crucial for any transaction, so agents and appraisers need to interact effectively in order to best serve their clients.

Successful real estate professionals are great at communicating. While this often means talking with prospective and current clients, those within the industry also need to work together.

This is especially important for real estate agents and home appraisal professionals. The valuation process is crucial for any transaction, so these two people need to interact effectively in order to best serve their clients. Thankfully, plenty of tools and tricks exist to simplify the process, streamline data sharing and improve communication.

Real estate agents raise concerns
The result of a home appraisal drastically impacts a sale, according to the National Association of Realtors. Therefore, agents and appraisers must work together, although many professionals at the 2013 Realtors Conference and Expo raised concerns about this relationship.

John Anderson, a Minnesota-based real estate agent, explained that many other agents he's spoken to are worried about the appraisal process.

"Eighty to 90 percent of those agents said appraisals were the top issue facing them in 2014," said Anderson. "I've personally had more appraisal problems in the past year than I've had in the past three decades."

A negative appraisal can often mean no sale - or a long, drawn-out transaction. While that doesn't mean appraisers shouldn't report what they see, it does place an importance on the working relationship with others in the industry. 

Anderson added that he is always at the property when the appraiser gets there. That way, he can hand off valuable documents and comparable properties not posted on a multiple listing service. Essentially, he opens up the door for better communication.

Courthouse Retrieval System can help real estate professionals work together. With access to a large collection of property data, real estate property records and much more, sharing valuable information is as easy as ever.

Tools to help appraisers communicate
Sharing, storing and collecting information is crucial to succeed within real estate. This is especially true for home appraisers, and many may want to focus on some useful tools and technology to simplify the process.

According to Valuation Management Group, those with a smartphone or tablet computer can take advantage of a number of applications to increase productivity. For many, balancing daily tasks can get complicated, and juggling everything at once equals plenty of headaches. Therefore, these apps could be of use.

For example, UAD Reference comes highly rated from other home appraisers, the news source noted. This app acts as a dictionary, holding appraisal definitions, abbreviations and locations. Appraisers can then share results with agents, lenders and other clients easily.

Moreover, appraisers may want to use cloud-based apps, like Dropbox. The "cloud" is an online method of storing and sharing data, allowing users to access information from multiple devices. Dropbox is a great tool to organize all of that information. All types of documents, photos, videos and music can be stored here, which means a real estate professional always has what they're looking for - wherever they end up.

Overall, home appraisers should work closely with real estate agents, and vice versa. Good communication is vital for business success, and each job will be easier if everyone is working together. Appraisers may want to use technology and mobile devices to achieve that goal.

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