Mobile marketing tips for real estate agents

Mobile devices - from smartphones to tablet computers - can be an ideal resource for reaching new and current customers while improving a real estate business.

While most real estate agents have a complex marketing strategy in place, some professionals may not be taking advantage of mobile devices just yet. These tools - from smartphones to tablet computers - can be an ideal resource for reaching new and current customers while improving the business.

This is because many people are searching for their next home via mobile devices. If the majority of consumers are using them, it is in the agent's best interest to take the same approach. However, this doesn't mean that a professional understands how to integrate mobile marketing into their strategy effectively, and there are several great ways to get the entire process started.

How mobile marketing is useful
The real estate industry and mobile marketing go hand in hand, and both agents and homebuyers are constantly on their smartphones, according to Jon-Mikel Bailey in an article for Wood Street, Inc. The rising number of users means a good mobile marketing strategy is the ideal way to reach a lot of potential clients - from investors interested in foreclosed houses to a budding family looking to expand.

For starters, Bailey explained that mobile devices are present in each stage of a homebuyer's search process, from the first moment of research right until closing. Therefore, a real estate agent's marketing plan should aim to capitalize on this important element. One way to do this is with a multi-faceted approach. Bailey noted that an agent's post cards sent in the mail can have a QR Code - which allows users to scan via a mobile device - linked directly to the property's listing. That way, they'll quickly have more information, and might even be tempted to give the agent a call.

In addition, mobile marketing can also be a great way to keep two homebuyers, like an eager couple, in loop about the process, according to Bailey. For instance, a good advertising campaign can be easily shared between multiple people. Real estate agents should provide methods to discuss listings online, like an option to quickly post on Facebook or Twitter.

A wealth of information is a valuable asset for real estate agents. Courthouse Retrieval System provides real estate records, property data and much more. These expansive resources can be the ideal compliment to any mobile marketing strategy.

Unique applications for mobile marketing
Converting traditional websites into a mobile-friendly format isn't the only way real estate agents can utilize mobile marketing. According to Real Estate Marketing Blog, the smartphone can provide added value to both client and professional.

For example, text messaging is the perfect way to market properties to the right people, like foreclosed houses to real estate investors. Most people are attached to their smartphones, and one major reason why is because of texting. This allows users to share information in a rapid fashion, and short, brief texts are a great way to communicate.

Better yet, real estate agents can automate the process and quickly text important details to homebuyers and sellers, the news source noted. Property data and other information can be texted instead of emailed, which saves all involved parties valuable time and effort. Furthermore, users can receive updates about a certain listing via text, which can demonstrate real estate agents are taking a personal approach to each of their clients.

Overall, more people are as busy as ever. Mobile devices have become commonplace, and quickly sharing and acquiring information is a crucial aspect of the real estate profession. Agents who decide to use these resources have a good chance of building their customer base and increasing business, while a strong mobile marketing strategy might result in more closed deals.

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