Smarter technology could make real estate easier in 2014

With the prominence of mobile devices, computers and similar tools, it is easier than ever to start using these for a business.

Technology has become an ever-present part of everybody's lives, from the teenager at school to the real estate professional. With the prominence of mobile devices, computers and similar tools, it is easier than ever to start using these for a business.

With that in mind, several new trends may have emerged in relation to technology and real estate. It is important for agents and others within the industry to stay up-to-date on these new developments, in order to best serve past, present and future clients. Unfortunately, technology shifts quickly, so it is worth putting in the effort to be as current as possible.

Has technology become smarter?
At its core, real estate technology is simply just technology. They are one in the same, but applications and enterprising professionals take these devices and tailor them to their needs. This goal may have become easier, as well, because many elements are more integrated into a person's life than ever before.

Joel Burslem, of marketing, design and strategy firm 1000watt, and contributor to Inman News, wrote that context could be the most important real estate trend in 2014. Essentially, this means that devices know what is going on in a real estate agent's life, and can connect via the Internet to other applications to stay on track. So, a phone is able to read a calendar event, and then automatically notify the user that the time is fast approaching. Applications can alert people about changes in flight times, bring up boarding passes, or point out when a friend performs a task or heads to another location, among many other items.

According to Burslem, however, technology may not be as smart as it could be. This level of connectivity should be the standard across the board, and it isn't yet. Hopefully, real estate apps over this year will become more aware, and be able to tell professionals about nearby listings on their own, or provide vital data points without prompting.

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It takes effort to learn new technology
The problem with the lives of real estate agents - and any professional - is that they are very busy. A wide range of other tasks leaves little time for learning new technology, but an emphasis should be placed on this aspect.

Teresa Boardman, a Minnesota-based real estate broker, wrote in a separate article for Inman News that industry-specific technology isn't really that at all, and it is in fact what many people use in their daily lives. Therefore, they shouldn't be afraid to try to learn how to use new devices and apps. In many cases, it only takes a tutorial video or a quick read of an instruction manual to get a solid grasp.

Most importantly, Boardman explained that real estate agents should learn only what they need to use, because there is such a large volume of options available. It helps to pay attention and take the initiative to learn new technology and stay up-to-date with current trends.

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