The benefits of electronic signatures for real estate

The electronic signature can be a valuable asset for real estate professionals.

The housing market today is full of changing conditions, varied client preferences and economic shifts, which means that real estate agents tasked with keeping up with all of these trends have a daunting challenge ahead of them. 

This is where technology comes into play. It seems that new resources come out everyday that provide valuable services to professionals, and it is important to stay up-to-date with all of these crucial tools. A key one is the electronic signature. Using a computer, agents no longer have to travel between clients in order to complete a transaction, saving paper, time and money.  

What to know about an e-signature
For a real estate agent just starting out, they may not understand the details behind an electronic signature. This is perfectly understandable, but it may be beneficial to get up to speed about this segment of industry technology.

According to Sign in Blue, an electronic signature allows documents to be shared online, with the relevant parties signing their names over a computer, instead of in person. Above all else, this finishes the process in an extremely fast time, removing the need for the professional to drive all over the place tracking down clients. This also makes it easier to store the documents after the fact, because a computer record has already been created. Therefore, it is just a matter of saving or sharing - removing the need for filing cabinets and stacks of paper. 

The important item here, however, is the legality of electronic signatures. Thanks to the Electronic Signatures in Global and National Commerce Act, the federal government views all viable documents signed in this fashion as legal in a court of law. This makes the method ideal for real estate agents, who would otherwise spend time printing, driving and filing. 

Courthouse Retrieval System can help any real estate professional take advantage of new technology. With an expansive database of mortgage records, warranty deeds and much more, a trip to the local courthouse is no longer required in order to access the best possible information.

E-signatures are great for clients
While the merits of e-signatures are fairly obvious for real estate agents, some professionals may be worried that certain clients may not be in favor of this new trend taking hold in the industry. 

Joe Manausa, a Florida-based real estate broker, wrote in an article for ActiveRain that this technology improves customer service. Some clients have demanding schedules, often needing to be in a different place in a moment's notice. Therefore, it may be tough for them to find time to sign a document in person. But, with electronic-signatures, they can do so online, from wherever their life requires them to be. 

As a result, the entire process speeds up, Manausa explained. Deals that may have fallen through due to logistics now go off without a hitch, and the client's best interests have been served. Thanks to electronic signatures, buyers and sellers will get what they want - a completed transaction. 

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