Don't make these real estate photo mistakes

Real estate agents should ensure that their clients are armed with the best possible photos.

Real estate professionals understand the power of curb appeal, as well as the benefits of a well-staged home. However, not everyone gets the fact that fantastic real estate photos are what is now needed to draw in potential buyers.

Without this aspect in place, there is a good chance that people never even show up to check out a home. In today's real estate market, the first step to homebuying involves the Internet. This includes browsing listing images, and a lack of quality pictures could sink a property sale before it ever gets going.

That being said, real estate agents should ensure that their clients are armed with the best possible photos. Whether that means hiring out professional help or grabbing a camera and getting started, here are a few do's and don'ts to get better at taking photos of homes.

Don't think pictures aren't worth it
The better the image, the more likely it is that a listing will get additional foot traffic through the door. With that in mind, real estate agents should make sure to avoid some of these common mistakes when it comes to this portion of the job.

For instance, Sheila Newton, a South Carolina-based Realtor, wrote in an article for ActiveRain that too many professionals take photos that are crooked, blurry or have the date stamps still on them. These are all big faux pas. Worse yet, many pictures that are stamped are more than a few months old, which instantly makes buyers think about what could have changed with the property during that time. Most people either own photo-editing software or know someone who does. Take advantage of these tools to ensure that the image is looking great.

In addition, Newton explained that real estate agents should time their pictures. This means don't snap a photo of the exterior of the home in direct sunlight, as this tends to look bad. Instead, pick the perfect times throughout the day when the natural light is a friend, not a foe.

Courthouse Retrieval System can be a fantastic resource for real estate agents looking to provide additional value to their clients. Professionals no longer have to travel to a local courthouse to get information, and they can instead access mortgage records, property data and much more online.

Do take many photos
One of the mistakes real estate agents make when photographing a home is taking only one picture - typically of the outside of the house. Instead, more is better.

According to The Wall Street Journal, homebuyers want to see every little detail of a home. Take photos of the living room, kitchen, dining room, and everywhere else in between. A smart professional with highlight the key features of the property, such as a gym, swimming pool or scenic views. Above all else, do remove clutter and other distracting elements before taking the listing photos. The easier it will be for potential buyers to put themselves in the home, the more likely they'll be calling for additional information shortly. 

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