How Facebook can help sell real estate

Social media can be a fantastic way for real estate agents to market their properties. On sites such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, there are a high number of people and ample opportunities to connect with potential clients. However, the problem remains: there is too much promotional material on social media.

As a result, real estate agents today must find a way to stand out from the crowd and not have their listings get tossed aside as just another sales pitch. Thankfully, this is possible - all it takes is a little creativity and some smart marketing. In order to do just that, here are a few tips on how Facebook can help promote real estate listings.

Find creative ways to post
A standard Facebook post doesn't have to be the only option for a real estate listing. In fact, coming up with new and creative ways to get properties noticed can be the best way to actually get people to pay attention on social media. 

Amanda and Jared Christiansen, Indiana-based Realtors, wrote in an article for ActiveRain that there is a way to post about a new listing without it sounding like a desperate sales pitch. For starters, agents should take a photo of the outside of the home, the kitchen and the living room. Then, use Facebook's "check in" feature to check in at the address and share the pictures. It can also help to post a question for users, such as: "How much do you think this home is worth?"

With that done, the comments should pour in. Ideally, people will start guessing and it will provide a unique way for real estate agents to talk with potential clients. It can also help to have access to a wide range of information. With CRS Data, professionals will be able to acquire mortgage records, property data and much more without going to the local courthouse.

Try to connect with followers
While real estate agents may have created social media accounts to improve their businesses, one of the best strategies can be a hands-off approach. For instance, professionals should try to connect with people before pushing their listings on them.

Michelle Mastrobattista, in an article for LinkedIn, wrote that Facebook is a great place to be friendly and show off some industry expertise. So, agents should try to avoid posting about listings on a daily basis and instead try to have conversations. The best strategy can be to offer up something of value without the sales pitch, like advice on how to stage homes, current events and bits of market insights that can help users find their next property.

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