Effective personal branding in real estate

Are you truly committed to succeeding in real estate? One technique you can use to ensure this outcome is effective personal branding.

Are you truly committed to succeeding in real estate? One technique you can use to ensure this outcome is effective personal branding.

The million dollar question
To get a quick sense of the efficacy of your personal brand, ask yourself one basic question, writer Molly Moriarity suggests in a Placester article. Why would you purchase a house through yourself? Unless you have the answer to this query readily available, it's time to work on your real estate brand, she wrote.

The author emphasized that many different factors go into a brand. Your personal beliefs, how you carry yourself, your business practices, your experience and demeanor all take part in this matter.

Be the real you
For starters, Moriarty emphasized the importance of being yourself. Nobody wants to work with a phony, she said. People make gut-based business decisions all the time, and being anything but the real you will not suffice. To determine what will draw others, figure out exactly what will make your personality compelling to others.

The importance of expertise
In terms of identifying the real you, being an expert is something you can work on regardless of whether you are completely green and new to real estate, or alternatively, a seasoned veteran.

If you want to build a reputation, pick something you excel at, and then make sure that is how you are known. Are you skilled with interior decorations in a way that will help you sell homes more effectively? If so, cultivate this ability and then make sure the broader market knows about it.

One important facet of expertise is knowing the local real estate market inside and out. People always say that the value of any particular property is based on "location, location, location." While everyone has heard this saying, it is important to keep in mind when considering the benefit of different kinds of expertise.

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The rich get richer
Once you have proper knowledge of the local market where you want to do business, there are many ways to build upon this foundation. Read a good book, attend some seminars, take some continuing education or professional development courses containing subject matter that interests you, or contact a person who has expertise different than yours.

The value of LinkedIn
Another way your can bolster your existing expertise - and focus your studies on the practical instead of a theoretical - is to get involved in conversations on LinkedIn.

On this social media platform, participants have the ability to both start discussion threads, and also contribute to them. You can learn a great deal simply by tuning in to this resource.

In addition, if you have what it takes to position yourself as an expert, LinkedIn is a great place to show it. By providing your two cents, you may be able to display that you know your material inside and out. As long as you can provide sound information in a manner that is polite and gracious, you can make yourself the go-to person for a particular niche.

Combine this specific expertise with other personality aspects that make you compelling as a human being and professional, and you will be well on your way to developing a great personal brand.

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