Tips to make a great first impression

If you want to succeed anywhere in life - real estate included - making a great first impression is of the utmost importance.

If you want to succeed anywhere in life - real estate included - making a great first impression is of the utmost importance.

These initial glimpses of a person are formed in seconds and cannot be overcome easily. As a result, follow some key steps to do what you can to get it right the first time.

Be prepared
To get this key portion of a business relationship right the first time, be sure to conduct your due diligence and be prepared, etiquette expert Jacqueline Whitmore wrote in Entrepreneur Magazine. Whitmore, who founded The Protocol School of Palm Beach, emphasized the great benefits you can derive from simply doing your homework.

Be sure to do some research on your potential client, as well as how he or she approaches the market, Whitmore said. Spend some time on the company website, learn about the people working there, as well as the organization's history and recent events. In addition, learn more about the industry where the individual does business.

By doing your homework and being prepared, you can come across as being both knowledgeable and interesting, two traits that will make it far easier to make a strong first impression.

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Dress for success
Once you get this key real estate knowledge down, give that inner substance a nice coating by dressing the right way. Since people will judge you quickly, keep in mind that what you wear is important. Part of being prepared is having the right clothing for the occasion. If you have a business meeting, be sure to dress professionally. While you may maintain you are not a stylist or fashionista, simply being well-dressed will help make your look more professional than otherwise.

When determining which clothing to pick out, err on the side of making your clients comfortable, instead of making yourself feel that way, Whitmore recommended. If you are meeting with financial clients for a potential real estate deal, taking a formal route may be best. For example, if a meeting involves bankers, having a dark suit can be very helpful, she wrote.

Show up on time
While this may seem like common sense, it is frequently overlooked, Debra Trappen wrote in Inman Magazine. Show up 15 minutes early to every meeting so you will be ready, said Trappen, who is the founder of, as well as chief of sass and moxie. While there are times when being late is inevitable, it should be the exception and not the rule, she wrote.

Stay positive
Another key component of making a first expression is staying positive, said Trappen. Instead of focusing on problems, work toward solutions. Challenges are always going to exist in life, but being positive means coming up with ways to overcome them instead of letting them be hindrances.

Even if these difficulties feel burdensome, do not give the impression they are making life difficult, she recommended. This brings us to our final point, being confident.

Be confident
Regardless of whether your meeting is a walk in the park or filled with difficulties, remain confident at all times. If a person exudes this self-faith, it shows they know what they are doing. Keep in mind that a great deal of communication is nonverbal, so if you don't feel confident enough already, fake it until you make it.

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